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Thursday, January 6, 2011

WGM Adam Couple to leave the show! =(

 Our beloved Adam Couple are going to leave WGM! It's so sad and they were my fav couple! They have been together for 1 year and 5 months now..And it will end =(

Jung Yoon Jung, the PD from ‘We Got Married’ revealed to Star News stating, “Jo Kwon and Ga-In couple have started recording their final episode. The pair have built up a lot of affection toward one another over time, and they have shed a lot of tears.” (cr allkpop)

They also left a message on their m2day:

On January 6th, the couple wrote, Over the last year and three months, we made unforgettable memories, and treated each other with genuine and honest hearts. We think that showed through, and that’s why we earned so much love. We are so happy and thankful that we got to share our memories with all of you guys. ^^ Happy New Year”

They added, “Please look forward to Ga-In and Jo Kwon’s future plans~^^ Thank you for all the messages you sent through Adam’s me2. We will also end our me2DAY and save it as a memory..^^ Thank you.” (cr allkpop)

The reason for this is because Ga In has a lot of activities going on and she can't get enough rest. So I really hope she will be better and also..I'm not that worried because I BET that they are DATING IN real life...haha xD


1 comment:

  1. I also wish that they would really dating in the real life! :D
    I pray for their happiness! :)