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Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter MUST haves! :D

Number 1

beanie! ^^ This is a cute hat that til go with everything, it both gives the cute look and also you can make it into real street fashion. And it will look awesome with a pair of sunglasses! Highly recommended! :3

Number 2

Circle Knit Scarf! I'm sure you've all seen this, this is the new type of scarf. It's one of my favorites because it can be used for both your neck and you can cover your head with it! It looks awesome! Tip: Wear this with a over sized top and it will complete the look! :D

Number 3

Military boots! Ahh I just loooove shoes!! And this year military was really in!  The "lady military boots" (that's what I call it) on the left is something that I love..I have one just like that and I really love it. It looks awesome with a pair of skinny jeans! And you can both wear it with a coat or a different jacket. For the boys this look it awesome too, you can see this kind of shoes on almost EVERY single male idol! It just looks hooot..So boys...GET IT! :P

 Number 4

Cross bags or backpacks are totally in this year for both men and women! And the best part is that you can but a lot of accessories on the bag to make it personal. I have small teddy bears and stuff on mine haha :P 

Number 5

 One more thing that is important is LAYERING! 
  • First layer: This piece should be made of material that wicks moisture from your body so you stay dry and don’t get chilled.
  • Second layer: This layer should provide more insulation and absorb any moisture but still allow the first layer to show through.
  • Third layer: The topping to your ensemble, your third layer should put your whole look together and protect you from all the harsh winter elements.

I really hope this was helpful! ^^ Just leave a comment if you have a question or if you want more! :D
Love n hugs <3
- B


  1. Keep going! It was awesome! I love it! :)

  2. coolest!!!! hehehe

  3. Thank u for the info.. Hope this gets updated every season kkk. :)

  4. amazing work! Time for me to shop till i drop now :P

  5. where to buy em T^T? other than that i love this ;D

  6. The tips are great. Any sites that you recommend to get these items?