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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[ENG SUB] Khuntoria Couple Ep 31

Khuntoria Couple Episode 31

<<<-- Watch Ep 30

Watch Ep 32 --->>>


  1. 2pm will be coming to khuntoria house!!i'm so excited..

  2. o.O omo I want to see that episode too...T_T

  3. do u have the short video of this one (the picture on top)? i only saw this with no subs and i really want to watch the one with sub. if only u could do it. thx!

  4. Yeah I subbed the video from Gayo Deajun (frm the pic above)^^
    Here is the link

    Enjoy ^^

  5. You are amazing! thanks for all the videos!!! Khuntoria is the best! Gosh! Thanks very much! You made my life easier.. how i wish i understand Hangul..

  6. you r so amazing!!!
    tanx 4 ur greatest job n hardness to upload all the vid...
    i really appreciate it...
    tq so much!!!=>

  7. i loves chu~ thnx soooo much :DD

  8. Uhh is it just me or do the links not work? Sorry if it's just me (: