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Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow me on twitter & subsribe to my youtube channel! ^^

Hi YA'LL! ^_^

As you all know I provide links for you guys to watch. And I take my free time to do this, because I could just stop anytime XD I don't get anything for doing this I just do it because I want people to enjoy watching Korean shows just like me! :P
So if you could follow me on twitter and subscribe to my youtube channel it would be great! Because that way I KNOW that people appreciate what I am doing and then of course I will continue ...Share this site with your friends so they also can watch shows :P

And also leave a comment, it really means a lot to me :)

Thanks! Have fun watchings shows \(^o^)/


  1. thank u for ur hardwork

  2. no don't stop i love ur sub
    i told my friends abut ur channel and they love it

    thank you ^_^

  3. Loving the subs! and I got my some of my friends following you as well :) Thanks again!!

  4. super thanks!!!i'm sure it's not an easy job to be done!!^^

  5. ~i like all of ur works~

  6. I love that u are subbing these shows. So THANK U VERY MUCH for ur hard work !!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since I discovered this website, i always come here to see if new subbed episodes or shows have come out. Can tell u enough how much I appreciate it. Thanks!

  7. I really appreciate all the effort you ùt on subbing the videos I so much want to see, and I'm really thankful for the time you dedicated. I do also love K-things, so I totally understand the good reasons that moves you to do this. Thank you very much!