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Saturday, February 5, 2011

[Recommendation] My Princess Drama (마이 프린세스 )


This drama is soooo good! Mee looove this! 
This drama is about an ordinary college student , Lee Seol, finds out she's a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae Young, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette.And guys..You know what's gonna happen right? Yeaaah we get some sweet loove XD I still haven't watched all the episodes (they are not all out yet) but I'm just addicted to this drama!
I watched 7 episodes in one day XD So yeah..I'm obsessed! 
I recommend this dram for anyone who hearts romance (like rome & juliet type) and ofc a little bit  comedy. WATCH IT! You won't regret it! (^o^)
And Ki Kwang (from Beast) is there too in some episodes! ^^

Btw..I know Song Seung-Heon is kinda old..but damn he is hot! (and his body *drool*)

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