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Monday, February 21, 2011

Your top 5 songs of the month?

Ok guys, so I wanted to to a little "poll" here! XD
I want to know what YOUR favoirte songs of the month is? What are the songs that you just
can't get out of your head?

I have so many songs that I like! So here is my top 5!

1. High High - GD&TOP

2. VVIP - Seung Ri

3. I need a girl - Taeyang

4.  I'll be back - 2pm
5. Your my - TaeYang (omg I love that song XD)

I know some of the songs are old, but I just find myself singing them all the time! XD

So what is your top 5 songs? :D


  1. latest songs?? i'm not sure.. but songs that i can't get out my head..

    1. always be mine _ft island
    2. it has to be you, i cant be anyone else_yesung (ost cinderella stepsister)..
    3. HUH - 4minute
    4.One better day - Mblaq
    5. No other - Super Junior..

    but not sure the title in english is right or not?? but i do like them..

  2. these are the recent top 5 songs i have on constant replay they are in no order
    1)Don't Leave-Junsu and Lim Jung Hee
    2)I Can't-2PM
    3)Bad Guy-Joo
    4)Come Back Bad Man-Kahi
    5)Well Done-Navi

  3. 1) I'll Be Back - 2PM
    2) Without You - 2PM
    3) Run Devil Run - SNSD/Girl's Generation
    4) Marshmallow - IU
    5)Ear's Candy - Baek Ji Young

  4. 1) One Way - Rainy Days
    2) Gavy NJ - Crazy Love
    3) Girl2School - Break Up Isn't Like In The Movie
    4) T-Ara - Yayaya

  5. 5) Doo Joon & Dong Woon - When The Door Closes. :)

  6. Too perfect- Super Junior M
    Lucifer - Shinee
    That Man- Secret Garden Ost
    Just Like Now - Donghae & Ryeowook
    Infection - Kyuhyun Version of the song


  7. I've gone crazy about this songs xx

    Teayang-I need a girl
    2NE1-Tt hurts
    DBSK- Keep your head down
    Miss A- I can't breathe
    U kiss- Man man ha ni

  8. I Like You the Best-B2ST
    Sorry Sorry-Super Junior
    Hit Me Baby-SHINee
    <3 xD

  9. These are the songs I can't get out of my head.

    My Logo- Hangeng
    Boom Boom- Super Junior
    Y- MBLAQ
    Why I like You- DBSK
    Hello- SHINee

  10. My top 5 song that stuck in my head:

    You are the best of my life - Lee Hyun (8eight)
    Can't say i love you - 2AM
    That man - Secret Garden ost
    My valentine - Dream High ost
    Say no - BEAST

  11. No matter what I do I tend to be sinqinq these sonq or I have them stuck in my head
    1. Just a feelinq - TaeYanq
    2. Without U - 2pm
    3. Go Away - 2NE1
    4. Take it slow - TaeYanq
    5. What can I do - Seunqri

  12. y-mblaq
    shock-b2st <3
    abracadabra-brown eyed girls

    and if there was a sixth, run devil run-snsd :)

  13. before the dawn-infinite
    i'll be back-2pm
    good day-iu

    and i can't get chu~ by f(x) out of my head either

  14. too perfect - Super Junior M
    VVIP - seungri
    supa dupa diva - Dal Shabet
    love - CNblue
    just like now - donghae & ryewook

  15. i am loner-CNblue
    Bonamana-Super Junior
    I can't Breath-Miss A
    Bang-After School

  16. Why- DBSK
    High High - G.D & TOP
    Lucifer - Shinee
    Love - CNblue
    You Wouldn't Answer My Call - 2AM

  17. ill be back - 2pm
    lovelight - cnblue
    lovelovelove - ft island
    high high - gd&top
    oh yeah - gd&top ft. park bom
    love ya - ss501..

  18. Snsd/visuel dreams
    Gd & top/knock out
    Kan mi youn/Paparazzi

  19. BTD - Infinite
    Lucifer - Shinee
    Love Revolution - CN Blue
    I hope - FT Island
    You Wouldn't Answer My Call - 2AM

  20. 1 ~ Tired Of Waiting by 2PM
    2 ~ Love Ya by SS501
    3 ~ I'll Be Back by 2PM
    4 ~ Let Me Be The One by SS501
    5 ~ My Valentine by JYP, NichKhun & TaecYeon

    The same artists xD I really love them, I can't get rid of these songs ! It was difficult for me to do that because I love all of the 2PM's and SS501's songs ! *____*

  21. my top five most played song :

    1) GD & TOP - Don't Go Home
    2) Bohemian - Love Letter
    3) Lee Seung Gi - I Love You From Now On
    4) Empty - JYJ
    5) Dream High ( Samdong & Pilsook 's Acapella) on epidose 13


  22. Maybe im a little bit biased

    1)gd&top high high
    2)gd&top baby good night
    3)gd&top&park bom oh yeah
    4)2ne1 can't nobody
    5)seungri vvip

  23. i love after school.. so at this time
    1)kahee-one love
    2)kahee-roller coster
    3)kahee-come back you bad person
    4)2am- i was wrong
    although the song from 2am n beg is old song.. but i listen much the song now,,i never get bored listen to that song!

  24. 1)the girl who can't break up, the boy who can't leave - Leessang (this is because gary-jihyo couple in Running em!)

    2)black flower-cn blue

    3)i'm loner - cn blue

    4)stay - mblaq

    5)wish- hwanhee (love seo do won version in Qualification of Men)

  25. My Top 5 :

    1) Crazy4s - 2PM
    2) Bad Guy - Joo
    3) The Story only I didn't know - IU
    4) Stay - MBlaQ
    5) Star Star Star - SNSD

  26. My top 5:
    1/ Maximum- DBSK
    2/ Keep your head down- DBSK
    3/ No other- SuJu
    4/ Nagging- IU
    5/ Stay- MBLAQ

  27. My Top 5=)
    1. Big Bang - Cafe
    2. Big Bang - Stupid Liar
    3. Mighty Mouth (feat. SoYa) - Tok Tok
    4. Teen Top - Supa Luv
    5. Kim Hyung Jun - Girl

  28. MY TOP 5 SONG...that I can't get over with:
    1. 2NE1 - Clap Your Hands
    2. Big Bang - Lies
    3. Song Ji Eun (Secret) feat. Bang Yong Guk - Going Crazy
    4. SeungRi - White Love
    5. T-Ara - Why Are You Being Like This

  29. my top 5 songs for the month are

    1. Mr Simple by Super Junior
    2. Breathe by Miss A
    3. Freestyle by 4Minute
    4. A by Rainbow
    5. Kiss by Rainbow


  30. 1. Kim hyung jun feat DOK 2- Different girl besides you
    2. 2PM - Take off
    3. Heo Young Saeng feat 4 minute - Let it go
    4. SS501 - Crazy for you
    5. Ft island - Missing you

    I love all this songs....:)