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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[MOVIE ENG SUB] Dating On Earth (DBSK)

Dating On Earth (DBSK)

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new drama titled ‘Dating On Earth’ is a story about the school and married life between a high school student who’s also a husband (Micky ) and his form teacher (SHJ); the other 4 has been casted as YooChun’s classmates whereby JJ is a transfer
student. JJ has lost his parents when he was young and has grown up in a lonely environment.
In the drama, he will fall in love with his form teacher; whereby he will end up being in a love triangle with YooChun and his wife.

Micky: A high schooler who falls in love with his form teacher and got married to her.
Hero: Falls in love with his form teacher and ends up in a love triangle.
YunHo: A handsome head councillor but was always harsh with his words, and who bullies YC.
Xiah: A friend of YC, who is innocent, smart but immodest.
Max: A buddy of JunSu, heir of a big successful organization.
Seo HyeonJin: Yoochun’s Form Teacher.

I guess this was supposed to be a drama but it got canceled..